Thursday, September 6, 2012


Loving:  The fact that my birthday is just over a month away.  I unashamedly love my birthday and this year will be my last twenty-something birthday.  I plan to make the most of it!

Reading:  The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.  I’ve wanted to read The Bell Jar for the longest time but just haven’t got around to it.  Earlier this year, I added it to my Five Books list and now I am almost finished it!   

Watching:  Finding Big Foot.  Discovery really has the craziest shows!  Usually my reality TV show of choice is Deadliest Catch but, until the new season starts, Finding Big Foot has plenty to keep me entertained.  The first episode I watched had this clip that was so creepy and honestly couldn't be explained.   

Thinking about:  This crazy rain that is still falling.  Seriously, there is flooding all over Durban and the roads are a big, fat mess.  I can't help wondering if I am going to be able to get to work tomorrow morning...

Surprised by:  The possibility of starting my Honours degree next year.  I have always wanted to do my Honours in English Literature and suddenly, out of nowhere, the opportunity has presented itself!!  There are still some questions to be answered and things to decide but it’s looking pretty positive.  Yay!

Making me sad:  I think what’s really getting me down right now is how self-centred and selfish people can be.  It's like the epidemic of our times.  You see it in the way people drive, the way they interact with others and the worst part is seeing how hurtful it can be in people who should know better!  That said, the irony that I am commenting on self-centredness on my blog, which is all about the things I like, is not lost on me.

Making me happy:  The fact that tomorrow is Friday, Rise Against have confirmed a Durban show for the 15 of March 2013, my new moustache ring, I am warm and dry on a truly miserable evening and Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice.

**This post was inspired by the ones over at Sometimes Sweet.

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