Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things I Love #18

It's time for another list of things I love.  I don't have much to say as far as introductions go this week except my birthday is 4 days away (not counting today) and I have a short week ahead of me...yay!  Now, let's begin:

There were so many pretty things at this month's I Heart Market that I am quite relieved that I left the house with hardly any money on me. I did get this super cute French Bulldog pin though.  Best part?  He only cost me 20 bucks because of the teeny defect on his leg:

This article on harnessing you inner FOMO or Fear of Missing Out made me smile and cringe.  I think I have this....

My friend sent me this link a to make everything okay and I highly recommend everyone click it.  At the very least it will make you smile.

I am a huge Law & Order fan, especially Law & Order SVU.  I stumbled across this tumblr called Law & Order & Food and it's awesome!

This article on Rethinking Sleep is pretty interesting.

Ever wondered what The Avengers and The Hunger Games would look like if Time Burton was involved?  Wonder no more.

Have you seen the Philosoraptor meme?  He's the "ponderous reptile that asks deep, existential questions."

The Hipster Starter Kit will give you everything you need to get started as a Hipster, including an ironic mustache, mix tape and owners manual.

Jaws is responsible for my life-long fear/fascination with Great White Sharks.  These behind the scenes photos from the movie are really great.

These murals and illustrations by Jeff Soto are an awesome combination of graffiti and pop surrealism.  I like.

Did you know that cute animal pictures on the internet might actually boost your work performance?  I think they should be an essential part of everyday.

I would really like to eat an ice-cream moon cake inspired by Le Voyage dans la Lune.   There is an Orange one with chocolate, nut and salted carmel flavour and a white one with macadamia nut and raspberry...yum!  

These DIY Bunny jars are just too cute.  Definitely going to have to make one or ten of these:

The Screenshots of Despair tumblr makes you realise how brutally honest software/computers/the internet can be.  It'll probably also make you laugh.

I love macaroons but these anatomical macaroons by Miss Insomnia Tulip somehow don't look as appealing.  

Swaggers Glasses come complete with an attached mustache.  I can't help but laugh at them.

I think donkeys are super cute.  As far as farm animals go, they are second only to goats.  Apparently, you can teach your domesticated donkey to play dead.  

A Hello Kitty Tie Fighter?  I'll take one of those.

Li Xiaofeng makes the most amazing porcelain fashion using shards of traditional ceramics.  I am kind of blown away by these to be honest...

I love these photos of Tokyo's Club Kids in their baths.  The photographer recruited them from the underground bars in Shibuya and Kabukicho and most of the time, they posed in their own bathrooms.

Lastly, and I think I have saved the best for last here, these pictures of Star Wars characters holding bunnies are the perfect combination of my favourite things:

Seen anything you love on the internet recently?  Feel free to share:)

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