Monday, October 8, 2012

Market Day

On Saturday morning, I headed out to my first I Heart Market since April!  As per usual, there was plenty of things that I could've spent my money on but luckily I didn't have too much cash on me.  I am a terrible impulse buyer and although I don't usually regret the things I buy, I almost always regret the money spent.  One of the places that I would've spent some of that money was at the Dragonfly Dreams table:

All the jewellery above is handmade using recycled materials like wood, perspex, old vinyl and old board games.  You can see the full range here.  The comic book sound effect rings are my favourites I think.  There was also a stunning octopus necklace that I'd love to get my hands on.  The other thing that caught my eye on Saturday was the food.  Or rather, the sweet things: 

These macaroons are from Daniella's Deliciously Decadent and they are exactly what the name promises.  When I organised my friend Collette's bridal shower in August I ordered a whole bunch from her and they were amazing.  I think the colours are what draws me to this table every time.  I am not sure who was responsible for the cake below but it was just too pretty not to snap a pic of:

I didn't leave the market completely empty-handed though.  I spoilt myself with peanut butter and blueberry macaroons and the nifty little French Bulldog pin that I mentioned on Sunday.  He's from the Deco Collection and he was such a bargain.  My friend Shannon spied him in the bowl of rejects and I am so glad she did.

Other things that are worth a mention: the home-made lemonade, the breakfast rolls, the beautiful sari's that were for sale, everything at the iKhaya table, the table with the t-shirts emblazoned with local brands (think Zambuk and Lucky Star), the silver Bazinga necklace from Starbright Girl and the awesome, awesome Moses Mabhida stadium:

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. My weekend...rain, rain, rain!! Good to snuggle up with a good book and an espresso!