Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things I Love #20

What a strange afternoon.  We just had a thunderstorm complete with lightning and rain, while the sun was happily shining outside.  Durban weather has been particularly bizarre the last few weeks that I really don't know what to wear on any given day!  Thursday actually felt like the return of winter!  Anyway, enough chit chat about the weather, here is Things I Love #20:

First on my list this week, the first batch of My Chemical Romance's Conventional Weapons.  The first two songs, Boy Division and Tomorrow's Money are great!  Find them here if you're interested.

For anyone tired of politics and elections and politicians in general, here are 16 reason why hedgehogs are better than politicians.  Complete with tons of cuteness.

I am such a huge Deadliest Catch fan, Captain Sig and the Northwestern are my boat and crew aside from the Cornelia Marie which is sadly not sailing this season.  Anyway, you can imagine my excitement at finding Northwestern merch online!  Very tempted to buy this shirt:


The Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition looks really, really stunning.  I'm not hugely into fashion but I think Tim Walker's photos are outstanding.

The Oatmeal is on of my favourite time wasting sites on the internet.  Here is a handy guide to preparing your pets for war.

These aerial shots of Iceland's volcanos are breathtaking!

Customised Star Wars My Little Ponies.  They are all super cool but I think the Storm Trooper is my favourite.

Midnight's Children is my favourite Salman Rushdie novel and I am really looking forward to seeing how it translates on screen.  Here's the official trailer:

You've got to love some of the stuff you can find on Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls.  Hilarious!

On the topic of tumblr, the Kanye Wes Anderson tumblr combines still from Wes Anderson movies with Kanye West's lyrics.  They go surprisingly well together!

I love this Flying House photo series by Laurent Chehere.  So unusual and whimsical.

Sakir Gokcebag makes the most amazing installations using toilet paper.

Here is a preview of the Apocalypse 3-inch Dunny series.  I wish for this one:


This list of things that would happen in a perfect world has got pretty much everything covered.  I especially like the ones about texts and movie sequels.  Oh and the one about everything coming in your favourite colours!

Kate MccGwire is an artist who "probes the beauty inherent in duality, exploring the play of opposites - at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level - that characterises the way we conceive the world."  Her work is definitely worth a look.

I wish I was more competent in the kitchen because I'd really like to make these dumplings.  Yum!

Lastly, while I don't really like spiders, this spider that my mom found is quite unusual!  Look at the purple legs!

And that's all folks! 

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