Saturday, December 15, 2012

3 Months To Go!!!

Yup, this is ANOTHER post about RAMfest and Rise Against.  Can you tell that I am excited???  Just a little.
Anyway, the great thing about next year's RAMfest is the other bands are pretty amazing too.  Like As I Lay Dying, a metalcore band from San Diego.  They have just released a new album called Awakened which I am really enjoying.  Also, they take their name from a William Faulkner novel which just adds to their appeal if you ask me.  I am a sucker for a literary reference.  If you are curious, here is the official video for the track A Greater Foundation:

Just an added note, I am not getting paid to promote RAMfest or anything like that.  What I am hoping to do though is enter their Youngblood Bloggers competition after the show which could win me VIP tickets to cover the event in 2014.  Fingers crossed:)

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