Sunday, December 16, 2012

Things I Love #23

This the last Things I Love of 2012!!  Can you believe we are at the ass-end of the year already?  Me neither.  Anyway, I will be on leave from the 21st of December so I am going to take a little blogging break until I go back to work on the 8th of January.  Although I am fairly sure it'll be impossible, I am going to try and take a little break from the internet as well.  We'll see how that one works out!!  Without further ado (I like that saying), here's Things I Love #23:

Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery is hosting a Skulls show at the moment that I would just love to see.  They are all anatomically correct and absolutely beautiful to look at!  I find the human head bone very aesthetically pleasing!!  Anyway, you can check out some of the work here.

Need a good way to waste some time?  Visit The Useless Web, click the button and be directed to one of the many useless websites floating about out there.  Hours of fun. Okay maybe not hours but still...

My new Domo arrived in the post yesterday!!  Out of all the Series 4 ones available, I managed to get my first choice...hooray!

Speaking of yesterday, I had my Tragus pierced yesterday and I can report that A) it's not that sore and B) I did not hear a pop.  I LOVE the way it looks.

Have you guys seen Paolo Pedroni's digital paintings? So, so pretty although they do remind me a lot of Mark Ryden.

I read Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass for varisty and it's one of my favourites.  You can listen to a reading here.

Are We Becoming Cyborgs?  Very interesting (but long) read from the NY Times.

We went to see The Hobbit on Thursday night.  I really, really enjoyed it!!  I definitely recommend checking it out but be warned - there is a lot that is NOT in the book!

And, while we're on the subject of Middle Earth, this video made me laugh!!

Do you know that you can follow the worlds first live-tweeting hamster on Twitter?  Created as part of a competition, his cage uses heat, motion and pressure sensing technology to work out where he is and what he is doing.  You can finds Squeaks' tweets here.

Here are twelve new book titles brought to you by the Random House Penguin merger.

Angela Datre is a photographer from New York who does an awesome job of capturing the energy of live punk shows.

The Scattered Crowd installation is made up of thousands of suspended white balloons.  It's absolutely gorgeous!!

Lastly, Catherine Nelson is a digital artist who uses hundreds of photos to create amazing floating worlds.  They look absolutely magical!

And that's pretty much it for this Things I Love!!  I'll be back next year with more internet randomness to share with you all!!  You can check out the rest of this years Things I Love here.

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  1. I also loved The Hobbit, so sad we have to wait so long for the others.......!