Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Things...

So one thing I can say about 2012  is that it's been a year full of new things - some of them good, some of them not so good.  I thought I'd share a few of those new things here:

1) I blogged.  For a whole year.  This is a pretty big thing for me because, as I have mentioned before, I've always been very nervous about writing for any kind of audience.  I took part in 30 Days of Lists, I was Geek of the Week on Chocolate & Cream Cake, I started my own feature and I even managed to finish the 5 Books I set for myself.  I am full of ideas for 2013 and I am going to use my mini break to really plot them out.  Stay tuned!

2) I joined a gym!!  This is another huge one for me.  I never played team sports and, aside from swimming, have a well documented disdain for public exercise.  However, after failing at early morning yoga and breaking my stepper, I was left with no choice but to join Curves!  I can honestly say that it was a great experience.  The branch I go to are super friendly and there is zero pressure to look great at gym.  It's basically perfect for me.

3) I crashed the car...

4) And we bought a new one.  Yup, that was my first accident in almost 8 years of driving.  As bummed as I was to part with the old car, it was just the motivation we needed to upgrade to a bigger, more powerful car.  It's also pretty much the best colour ever!

5) I studied.  For the first time since varsity, I applied my mind and learnt a new skill namely Conceptual Writing for Brands.  I learnt a lot, met some cool people and got great feedback on my writing abilities.

6) I got a hamster!!  After years of mice, I switched to a different variety of rodent and I can honestly say that Rolo is an awesome dog substitute.  He is so small but has so much character even though he can be a little savage!!

7) I made a Totoro plushie.  Using a pattern I found online, I managed to make a passable version of Totoro!!  He turned out quite well, even if I do say so myself.  I hadn't sewed for years and I forgot how cool it is too make something from scratch like that.  I am planning a Domo and a Pikachu in the very near future.

8) I visited a new province.  In July my mom, dad and I took a roadtrip to Mpumalanga, place of poorly marked roads, tons of sugar cane  and cute pups.  It was great fun travelling with my folks, visiting with my cousins and seeing a new part of South Africa.

8) I discovered Wakaberry.  Oh how I love frozen yoghurt!!  That is all.

9) I finally went up the stadium.  If you ask me, Moses Mabidha stadium is on of the coolest things to come from the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  I love it so much.  In February, my friend Sam and I took the Sky Car trip to the top.  Highly recommended!

And that's just a small sample of what I got up too.  In 2013 I am going to be a Maid of Honour for the first time, I have another tattoo lined up, Rise Against are coming, I'll have a junior technical writer assisting me at work and I am hoping to work up the nerve to try Roller Derby.  Plus I'll be 30!!  On paper it's looking like a good year already!


  1. You seem to have had a good productive year! Hope 2013 is 1000 times better!!!!