Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things I Love #27

This past week has been a good one.  We got our car back, I had my first lecture and thing just generally seem to be going well.  Yay!  Here's what I've been loving just recently:

My new Star Wars necklace from this awesome Etsy seller.  Not only do I love my Darth Vader cameo but I also got a bonus pair of pistol earrings!

You can now Finn Your Face courtesy of Cartoon Network.  There are 25 different Finn faces to choose from and you can share you Finn pictures online.  Download the full set here and check out the Facebook album here.

On the subject of Adventure Time, how great are these Finn and Jake Headphones?  I'd definitely buy one but how would I choose?!

The Comic Book Resources site has another preview of the True Live of the Fabulous Killoys art.  I can't even explain to you guys how excited I am to see this series!

I LOVE the I am Stay Puft Ladies Tank Top from Think Geek.  It fulfills my need for nerdy clothing and it has a nautical feel - two birds, one stone.

I came across this great article on Buzzfeed featuring 98 Concept Sketches from Miyazaki movies.  Too perfect!

And right under that article was a link to this one - Hayao Miyazaki's Films as LEGOs.

While we are on the subject of cute Japanese characters, check out the cute Rilakkuma mouse I found at the 100% Store in Gateway last week:

Working full-time and studying part-time means I really, really need to learn some time management and organisation this year.  One of my very favourite bloggers Kyla Roma has given us a peak at her 2013 planner and a free download...awesome!

These images from Ben Heine's Camera vs Pencil project are great.  My favourite is the fishing one at the top.

The Jerkface Typewriter just makes me laugh.  Follow the link for some illustrated insults from an old-school typewriter.

Plasticine Tattooine gives a voice to some of the lesser known Star Wars characters and, as an added bonus, makes all the characters out of Plasticine!

I think I have fallen in love with the Rockets and Rainbows Esty many awesome pieces!  Also on Esty, the Jolie Petite Deco store has the most amazing kawaii cases.  So tempted to order one...

I have such love for weird monsters/creatures which is why these images and plushies by Simon Le Roux caught my eye.  You can view her full portfolio here.

Maybe I'm just juvenile but the Poop Lamp by Diana Dumitrescu just makes me laugh.  I think it would  make the perfect night light!

I absolutely adore this Bird in Hand light.  Using the shadow puppet concept, all the hands in this light are positioned so that the shadows look like fling birds. 

Alison Anselot's combination of food and Pantone colours makes me wish all food was presented like this.  It also makes me hungry...

This Deviant Art Gallery belongs to Hillary White and it's pretty much perfect!

And last but not least, here are some macro photographs of soap bubbles.  The article likens them to alien planets and I couldn't agree more.

Seen anything you love recently?  Feel free to share in the comments:)

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