Saturday, February 16, 2013

1 Month (-1 day) To Go!!!!

So yesterday it was officially one month to go until Ramfest.  I can start counting down in days now instead of in months or weeks.  Awesome!

I mentioned in my last post that As I Lay Dying had to pull out because they had double booked themselves.  At that time the Ramfest organisers were looking for a replacement international band.  Sadly it was announced the other day that there would be no replacement for As I Lay Dying.  I must admit that I was a little put out about that but when I look at the ticket prices and what we are still getting for our money, I can't really complain.  One of the annoyances of living in South Africa, and especially in Durban, is the lack of good and reasonably priced international acts.  To give you some idea, if we had wanted to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers two weeks ago, we'd have to have laid out upwards of R 2000 for travel and tickets.  Sucks right?  Most big acts bypass Durban because we have a reputation for not supporting shows so I am truly grateful that Ramfest are still bringing good music to Durban despite that.  The Facebook event for the show has around a thousand RSVPs so I'm feeling rather hopeful too.

Now, on to more exciting things, there is finally a line-up for the Durban show:



19h00 - PESTROY (JHB)


I was hoping for different SA Bands (aka Fokofpolisiekar or Beast maybe) but in the end I don't really mind who is playing as long as the end result is Rise Against.  Here's a taster or the local bands:

Lowprofile is a melodic punk rock band from Durban formed in 2003.  No gimmicks, no eyeliner, just heartfelt and honest, full-blast melodic punk rock (from the band's website).

Pestroy have been spreading the word and fighting the good fight for Fifteen years now, and remain one of the main pillars in the South African alternative music scene and “Kings of the Underground” (from the band's myspace)

You can check out the official Ramfest website here and buy tickets for the Durban show here.

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