Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Strawberry Earrings

I am a a HUGE fan of useless, cute junk.  It’s why I so often find myself walking out of places like the 100 % Store and Everlasting with cutesy post-its or hair accessories I will never wear.  Case in point, these super cute strawberry hair clips:

In my defence they were only 10 bucks!  Anyway, after wondering what on earth to do with this particular impulse purchase I had a light bulb moment – EARRINGS!  They were super easy to do and best of all, cheap.  Here is what you need:
  • Strawberry hair clips (or buttons, charms etc) - These ones are fairly big and they have a nice flat back which makes them perfect for something like this.
  • Earring backs - You can buy these in most crafting stores for relatively cheap. 
  • Super glue

First things first, remove the hair-clip part.  This does make the back of these particular earrings a little less than neat but seeing it’ll be attached to my ear I am not too concerned:

Add a little super glue to the earring backs and attach to the strawberry:

And now you have earrings!!  Or in my case, 5 pairs of different coloured strawberries:

Like I mentioned before, I think this would work equally well with buttons or charms provided the back is flat enough to attach the earring part.  Let me know if any of you give it a try:)

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