Sunday, May 5, 2013

Things I Love #34

So I have terrible time management skills.  Really, really terrible time management skills.  I have time to update the blog, I think I should update the blog but then I sit on the couch and watch T.V.  I didn't even get half of my reading done this week.  Anyway, I'm already more organized this week so hopefully I can get back to a more regular posting schedule.  Fingers crossed. Now onto Things I Love:

A preview of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and an interview with Gerard Way on USA Today.  Two of my favourite things *sigh*

This step-by-step guide to Thriller would have come in handy at Collette's wedding.  We could only remember moves 19 and 20 and decided we were doing The Velociraptor instead.  Fun times.

Forget copyright!  We've always stolen music. Interesting article from Salon about the politics of copyrights.

An interesting excerpt from Homeward Bound: Why Woman are embracing the New Domesticity.  For someone who is terrible at domesticity I am not sure what I think of all this.

Whiter Moral Courage?  Salman Rushdies NY Times op-ed will make you think.

On a lighter note, I tried this drippy nail tutorial from Honesty WTF and its AMAZING!!  Seriously, take a look:

Oh My Geekness has an awesome collection of geeky jewellry.  I want this, this and this please!

Okay, did anyone know it was World Penguin Day on April 25th?  Me neither!!  Here are 10 penguin videos from xojane to help you with your belated celebrations.

Rozenn LG makes awesome paper art.  That is all.

Jason Liwag makes gorgeous art inspired by pop culture.  So many cool pieces but I think I like this one the most.

Tree library lets you read books on the street.  Honestly, I can't think of anything better!

Star Wars characters reimagined as character from Chinese folklore.  Joseph Chiang has done a brilliant job with these.  I want them all!!

Ever wondered what caffeine looks like?  Check out the Wellcome Image awards for that and other super cool science pics.  Caffeine is number 5.

LOVE this Star Wars Occupation flowchart from  I ended up with Ewok Chief.  Let me know where you end up.

This ad campaign for Reporters without Borders does an amazing job highlighting the dangers of censorship.  Pretty pertinent seeing they've finally passed the Secrecy Bill:(

Today I made Hello Kitty cupcakes.  They turned out awesomely.  Probably because they came from a box.  I'll share my adventures in baking later this week but in the meantime I leave you with this:

And lastly, here are the 30 Happiest Facts of All Time.  If this doesn't leave you with a smile on your face I just don't know.

Seen anything you love on the internet this week?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. Your cuppycakes look amazing!!! Going to make mine with Rebekah tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks friend:) So stoked with how they turned out!!