Sunday, August 4, 2013

Things I Love #45

So I don't know about you guys but this has been a BUSY weekend:  Dirty Royal shows, weddings, lunches and a ton of reading for varsity (Confession: I am already behind).  Luckily we only have a three day week what with public holidays and leave.  I am looking forward to the mini-break.  Now, on to the things I loved this week:

How awesome does this Shark Week party on Little Chief Honeybee sound?  I'm going to keep this in my bookmarks for when Shark Week rolls around in South Africa.

On the topic of sharks, these photos of sharks with human teeth make me laugh.

How Selfies Became a Global Phenomenon is a pretty interesting read.

The Mary Sue has an interview with Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

37 Things only Star Wars fans will find funny.  My favourite is number 29!

This week, my nails made me think of Gloomy Bear:

Mamelodi for a Month is a pretty interesting project where one middle class family will live in a shack in Mamelodi for a month.  They are doing it to highlight the circumstances of the majority of South Africans.  

I love the Grammar Girl site, it helps me out at work more often than I care to admit.  Here is her take on Yoda Grammar.

These two-sentence horror stories are surprisingly creepy!

How great is this anti-chandelier made from 85 light bulbs.  I swear when we get our own place, the first thing I am buying us is a chandelier of some form.

I got hold of another Adventure Time game this week - Fionna Fights.  It's super simple but super awesome:

On the subject of games, Hipster Zombies looks pretty fun.  I love the tagline: Defend your neighborhood ironically.

I am totally drooling over these vintage dictionary art prints by Danielle Richey.

What if superheroes used Instagram?  I'm not sure but I know that I would follow ALL OF THEM!

And finally, how great are these ice cream flavours inspired by books?  

Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. Hahahaha, those sharks with human teeth are amazing! I'm also loving those Shark Week party ideas!

    xo, Michelle

    1. They are aren't they! Loved them:)
      Thanks for the comment Michelle!

  2. I love the Brazilian kids correcting celeb's grammar! haha!!