Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things I Love #56

So here we are, back in November.  This year really has gone by super fast and, with everything going on this month, it's going to be December and Christmas time before we even know it!!  Kind of hard to believe hey?

AMC officially confirms The Walking Dead for Season 5.  YAY!!!

Googly Eye Books is one of the best blogs I have ever laid eyes on.  No pun intended.

This Star Wars blooper reel is all kinds of awesome:

This Lego ring from FORMA Laboratories is all kinds of awesome.  I would put Yoda on mine. 

Real life reinterpretations of Studio Ghibli characters.  Totoro remains the cutest character EVER!!

This super awesome hair clip is currently on it's way to me!!  Can't wait:

What Should I Read Next? is an awesome website that recommends your next read.  Love it!

Iconic movie posters by Drew many of my favourite movies here!

How to make me cook more:  buy me this skull pancake mold, this skull baking pan and this skull egg mold:

Staying on the subject of skulls, how great is this skull DIY from A Beautiful Mess?

Church of the Jedi...super interesting read.

Have you seen The Simpsons Hobbit couch gag?  So awesome!!

I can't seem to translate this site but it has pictures of some of the quirkiest ceramic art you ever did see!

And finally, I am definitely attempting this galaxy necklace DIY from Oh The Lovely Things.  So simple and effective!

Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. Everything is better with googly eyes! Loads of awesome stuffs as usual, but I especially need that skull egg mould thing!

    1. I am going to go buy a pack of googly eyes and keep them on me. That way I can add them to ALL OF THE THINGS:)