Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things I Love #11

Happy July everyone!  It's hard to believe we are over half way through this year already.  It's madness I tell you!  Anyway, let's get started with Things I Love #11:

Its been a weekend for sweet things.  I had an amazing lemon meringue cupcake at my friend's 30th birthday party yesterday (left) and then today I had a red velvet waffle with berries and fresh cream (right)!  Amazing!!

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did a great post on tattoo inspired art work.  While I love all the artists on the list, Liz Clements really stood out for me.  I'd absolutely love to own one (or ten) of her prints, especially Love Sick.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly tempted to wear a perfume that makes me smell like books.  It's called Paper Passion and the packaging is designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Something I have discovered while playing on Pinterest is a site called Bookshelf Porn.  Tons and tons of pictures of bookshelves...its glorious!

And while we are on the subject of books, these drunk texts from your favourite authors made me laugh.

Totoro is finished!  I'll do a proper post on him during the week but isn't he cute?

Anna Karenina is being made into a movie!  I can't believe that I only found this out now but I am so excited.  That means three of my favourite books (The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit being the other two) will be movies soon.

100 Things to do instead of procrastinating on the Internet.  This article from Gala Darling is great!  I love the internet but everyone needs a break occasionally!

Amazing winged jewelry by Dukno Yoon.  This stuff is amazing although I suspect it wouldn't last more than 10 minutes on my clumsy hands:(

Speaking of jewelry, have you guys seen the awesomeness that is Sea of Bees?  I am officially coveting at least 90% of the shop.  Especially the Cameo Deer Necklace.

I've always been a big fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen but did you guys know that Freddie Mercury was also an artist?  Check out his drawings here.

What if Star Wars characters were out of work?  Click here to find out (also includes a random picture of Spiderman).

I loooooove this Pikachu Pinafore!

Cross Stitch is something I used to be able to do many, many years ago.  These Pixel People patterns make me want to start again.

The Sky Punch weather phenomenon is easily one of the creepiest and coolest things I have ever seen in the sky.

And lastly, we got our Save the Date for my friend Collette's wedding which I am so looking forward to!  Yay!

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