Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things I Love # 12

I have returned!  All my good blogging intentions in the last two weeks fell victim to the worst flu that I have had in ages and somewhere in the middle, a trip to Malelane.  Now that I am home and recovered, it's back to business. As if to prove that, I spent most of my afternoon cleaning our much neglected flat...not a recommended way to spend your Sunday.  Anyway, on to more interesting things:

This article on the future of bookstores was rather interesting.  Personally, I think a world without bookstores will be a very sad place....

This awesome shirt that I have just ordered.  The print says In Loving Memory of Oscar Wilde, one of my all time favourite writers!!  I hope it arrives fast...

When we finally get a place that's puppy friendly, the first thing I am going to do is buy us a squishy face dog!  Right now, my dog of choice is a pug.  So when I found Pugs not Drugs I was all over it!  So much cuteness!

Pomegranate flavoured Rooibos is my new favourite tea.  It's got an awesome flavour and I don't need to add sugar:

This kissing rodents are sooooo sweet:


The Would You Rather tumblr is pretty awesome.  Not sure which I would rather for any of the options though....

Did you know there is a giant Lego bridge in Germany?  Click here to see just how cool it is...

The Hunger Games.  Man, I wish I had read this book earlier!  I took it with me to Malelane to see what all the fuss was about and I loved it.  LOVED IT. 

Feeling stressed?  Let the Calming Manatees cheer you up, calm you down or just generally make you feel good.

At long last the Spark is back from the panel beaters and it looks as bright and shiny as it did before my run in with the truck.  I almost feel bad selling it now....

Some more Pugs!  This time dressed as Yoda or Darth Vader.

My awesome cousin Natalie bought me a Husse!  He is apparently a little character from Afrikaans poetry and I think its rather cute.  The one she bought me is a naughty Husse with detachable ears.  He also comes with a little booklet about all the things they like:

These Molecular Addictions necklaces from Aroha Silhouettes are gorgeous.  I think the Caffeine one would be rather fitting for me.


I keep seeing these awesome cone spike bracelets online but alas!  I haven't been able to find one locally.  This DIY looks super easy though so with any luck I'll have my own one soon.

Dark Knight Rises Converse?  Yes please.  

Here is a hilarious interview with Dog from Text from Dog.

And last but not least, here is a Stormtrooper nail art tutorial featuring Darth Vader:

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