Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Music #1

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music just recently so I thought I would share some of my favourites.  First up is the awesome Lark.  They are a South African electronica band from Cape Town.  I have always enjoyed their music but it had long ago fallen to the bottom of the pile.  Then, we went to the Durban leg of their album launch.  It was amazing!  Watching them live is half the joy of this band I think.  Inge Beckmann has such a powerful voice with so much range.  When she walked out on the stage in a black outfit complete with a baboon skull on each shoulder I was sold!  You can kind of see them in this photo Jason took with his phone:

Anyway, the new album Gong is Struck has been on repeat in my car and at work for the last little while.  I am torn between Afflatus and Two Wolves when it comes to choosing a favourite.  I couldn’t find either of those to share with you but here is the video for an equally cool track called Stole The Moon:

Another band I have really been enjoying is The Ravonettes.  I guess you could class them as Indie?  They are from Denmark and there are just two of them.  Jason gave me an album called In and Out of Control to listen to and although I was sceptical on first pass, it’s absolutely grown on me!  My favourite track off the album is Bang!  I couldn't find a video for that one but here's a video for a song called Aly, Walk With Me from the album Lust Lust Lust:

And lastly, there is Florence + the Machine.  I know they have been around for awhile but I never really got around to listening to them.  Then we came across the song Dog Days Are Over as part of an independently put together Marie Antoinette soundtrack and I loved it:

I decided to give the new album Ceremonials a listen and although it can be a bit slow for my particular tastes, I rather enjoyed it.  My favourite track is a toss up between What the Water Gave Me and No Light, No Light.  

If you know me well, you’ll know that when it comes to music, I prefer male vocals.  Preferably screamy or a bit unusual and preferably attached to Gerard Way!  So, the fact that all three of the bands mentioned here actually have female vocals is no small feat:)
Have you been listening to anything new?

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