Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Birthday Wishlist

Today is exactly one month until I turn 29!  I thought I would celebrate by sharing my birthday wishlist you all.  First up, tickets to watch Bloc Party in Johannesburg.  I love Bloc Party so much but sadly, they are not playing in Durban.  Their show in Jo'burg is conveniently one week before my birthday!  Awesome!


Next, a plush Labbit from Kidrobot.  My love for Labbits is well documented and I think that a plush Labbit would be a great addition to my collection:


And finally, an Adventure Time t-shirt. These ones from We Love Fine would do nicely:


Only 30 days to go!


  1. You were born exactly two months before I was! :)

    I love your list. And I hope you get everything on it. <3