Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fionna Fights

I thought that I had all of the Adventure Time iPhone games but I was wrong.  Somehow, I missed Fionna Fights which features the show's gender swapped characters Fionna, Cake and Marshall Lee.  Here's a quick look at the story:

And bust up some bad guys is exactly what you do.  The swarm of monsters is never ending and for each one you hit, you earn gems.  For each monster you miss, you lose energy until eventually you drop out of the sky.  You can actually fly so each hit actually keeps you afloat.  If you fall and you still have energy then Cake and Marshall Lee come to your rescue.

The gems that you earn allow you to buy all sorts of awesome extras that make your monster-fighting easier.  These include sword upgrades (the best is the demon sword) and potions to freeze your enemies, make you bigger and replenish your energy.  The most expensive extras come in the form of raining knives, a ride on Lord Monochromicorn and backup from Neptr and Marshall Lee.  I think the best of these are Lord Monochromicorn andMarshall Lee.  With each upgrade, your chances of picking up the extra while fighting increases until you can pick up multiple powers at the same time.

Like Super Jumping Finn, Fionna Fights doesn't really have an ending and you can keep on going for as long as you have the energy to do so.  It's not very complicated but still a lot of fun.

If you don't have an iPhone then you can play Fionna Fights online and for free here.