Monday, July 30, 2012

Things I Love # 13

I totally forgot to post Things I Love yesterday afternoon.  We went couch shopping for the bazillionth time and at long last our patience (aka procrastination) paid off.  The fact that the springs on my side of our very, very old and well used couch completely gave out during the week was a great motivator.  Anyway, our shiny new couch is arriving tomorrow afternoon and I am like a kid before Christmas, all excitement and anticipation!  Now, before I get completely carried away, lets move on to the slightly belated Things I Love #13:

Big Bang Theory.  We recently started watching this show from season one and to say that I love it would be a complete understatement.  Dr Sheldon Cooper is too awesome! 


Two awesome new Tumblrs:  Pin-up Robert Downey Jr which is both hilarious and a bit disturbing and Batman Running Away from Shit because, according to the site, 60’s Batman was a coward.

This internet flowchart is an accurate description of my day, most days.

These Ideas in boxes from Malva are super cool.  For R250 you get box frame and one idea.  You can make your own to add or you can buy extra ideas for R30.  Love it!

This Woe Anchor t-shirt from the Orphan’s Arms is gorgeous.  The right colour, the perfect print but for those of us converting Rands to Pounds, the wrong price *sigh*


As a follow-up to Things I Love #12, I present the superhero Manatees.   I don’t know what it is about these creatures but they are so cool…

Sleep and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love to sleep but for some reason my body doesn’t.  It stays awake and thinks about the next day, what the hamster is doing and whether that is a friendly noise or a break-in.  Anyway, this post on getting a good nights sleep from Gala Darling is full of helpful tips.

This article about Ubuntu at work in Norway is pretty amazing and something we can all learn from.

One of my Facebook friends linked to OMFG Dogs and I love it!  Cute and completely pointless.

In exactly 3 days, I will be hanging out with my friend the Povey!  Yay!

These bone accessories by OS Accessories are super cool.  The Fishbone is my favourite:


And on the subject of accessories and bones, LOOK AT THIS RING:

Yes it belongs to me and yes I am marginally obsessed with its awesomeness.

This article about Individualism in Overdrive  is pretty interesting.  And scary.

This amazing shadow photography by Alexey Bednij.

Sad Stuff found on the street makes me thing I am not the only person who occasionally feels bad for inanimate objects.

DIY Panda earrings on Glossary.  What a cute idea!

And lastly, as cheesy as this may sound, my love for all things Shakespeare and all things theatre totally got a kickstart last week.  I went to check out the  'The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspre (ABRIDGED) last week Thursday and loved every minute of it!  Sadly the show has finished it’s run but should it ever reappear, I highly recommend checking it out.

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