Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things I Love #24

Good afternoon and welcome to the first collection of things I love in 2013.  I have been man down with some silly virus for the last four days meaning I have had plenty of time to peruse the internet for randomness.  Hope you enjoy:)

The Great Gatsby is on of my all time favourite books.  I love the story, I love the way it was written and I love the 1920s.  Anyway, I am eagerly anticipating the movie and, if you click here, you can see some great character posters and watch the newest trailer.  Thanks Mandy for sharing this.

Would you look at the awesomeness of this Skull Pendant Light on Etsy?  I would be super stoked to have this hanging in my house.

And speaking of skulls, I happened upon a Sass Diva 50% of sale the other day and walked away with this great little skull necklace.  Its a little different to my normal neckwear but I just couldn't resist!

In need of some cuteness?  Here are the 40 greatest dog GIFs of all time.  I really, really need a dog guys!!

Harland Miller is a London based-writer and artist who has created some pretty cool Penguin book covers for his latest show.

Another artist from Mexico, Carlos Amorales has an installation called Black Cloud which is made up of 30 000 black paper moths.  It's breathtaking!

The Hindu festival of Holi is someting that has always caught my eye.  So many colours!  Anyway, German photographer Katrin Korfmann captured some truly amazing aerial pictures.

This poster detailing the power of magical white beards based on length made me smile.  More proof that Gandalf kicks ass!

When you are as clumsy as me, a tablecloth that improves with spillage pretty much sounds like a dream come true.  Check them out here.

Want to see Elrond and Thranduil as penguins?  Of course you do, click here.  Gotta love penguins, or if you are the Ice King, little tuxedo people.

I can't think of anything better than a couch made of marshmallows.  So soft and squishy.  Japanese designer Kei Harada has created one that's come pretty close at least in looks.

We had a quiet New Years this year so we missed out on any fireworks but this video of fireworks in reverse more than makes up for it:

LEGO are making a Marvel video game!!  Such awesome news.  I have played the Harry Potter and Star Wars LEGO adaptations and loved both. This one will feature Wolverine and Loki among others.  Officially excited.

Staying with LEGO, they are also releasing an official Back to the Future set!  I might actually be tempted to buy this one!

These pictures show what paint looks like before the tint is mixed in.  So unusual.

Now this is the kind of installation I can really appreciate.  Leah Foster makes these amazing 10 ft tall cupcake towers!  Yum!!

And finally, a video of all the Stan Lee cameos including the Avengers, you're welcome:

Seen anything you love lately?  Feel free to share in the comments:)

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