Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things I Love #26

This week has been quiet mostly.  Not having a car really puts a damper on sushi, no lunchtime excursions and relying on lifts to get everywhere.  Hopefully we'll get the car back this week and things can return to normal.  In other news, after a long morning at the varsity yesterday, I am officially a registered student again.  My student card photo is awful but the fact that it says Postgrad kind of makes up for it.  My mom and dad are awesome for coming to fetch me at a ridiculous time and then sitting around waiting for me to finish..thanks guys.  Now on to other things I love...

Is personal technology the new rock n roll?  I don't think so but this was still an interesting read.

Funko Pop have a new range that combines Domo with DC characters - Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Superman.  How awesome?  My favourite is Domo Flash:

Have any of you watched Air Jaws?  Its the one where the sharks attack the seals by diving out of the water.  Well, the other day, a Fur Seal got his revenge!  Photographers caught the seal eating 5 Blue Sharks off Cape Point.  Not for the faint-hearted.

I am an adult that likes kid's stuff and that's okay.  Loved this article on The Mary Sue!!

Check out these awesome Tattoo Wood Carvings by Bryn Perott.  I love the two arms the most.

Also from The Mary Sue, I Know That Feel Bro - pop culture icons that feel each other's pain.

The Upside of Distraction proves that sometime distraction is a good thing.  Nice to hear when you're like me and battle to focus for too long.

We went to watch the very awesome Van Coke Kartel on Friday night.  It was a fun, fun night.

Daily Dishonesty is an awesome project by a hungry graphic designer.  These beautifully illustrated lies  are one's we're all guilty of.  Originally seen on the Happiness Is of my favourites.

The Daily Otter provides you with a daily dose of otter cuteness.  From the makers of the Daily Bunny.

I am coveting this shirt from the Orphan's Arms.  So nice.

These melting tights are the best.  I've seen a few DIY's online which I am thinking of trying.  I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of DIY's and tights, here is an awesome DIY for Batgirl Tights.

Death Star Lollipops...could there be anything more perfect.  I wish they'd survive the trip out here.

The new Internet Explorer marketing campaign is excellent.  Check it out here.

Luke Jerram makes glass replica's of harmful viruses and bacteria.  Pretty creepy.

Itswhatiminto has an awesome look at the Homeward Bound show which takes place alongside the Cape Town Tattoo Convention (South Ink Xposure).  Maybe next year I can be there in person...that would be nice.

Speaking of the tattoo convention, here is a  little video from the Mail & Guardian:

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  1. I know you are going to ace your honours! Well done for going back to your studies!